Wednesday, September 2, 2009

He Reads, He Climbs.

Carter now reads (looks at the pictures and points to things he can say while jabbering with a few words mixed in) to himself while on the potty. We still have accidents occasionally, but I have to remember he's just barely 2 and I feel like I can still say he's potty trained. I'm a little worried about him starting MDO school on Tuesday. I have already told myself if he digresses I will take him out. I am not putting him back in diapers and I'm worried he won't tell anyone he needs to go. There are some big changes heading our way and it will be impressive to see how we all handle them.
Owen is definitely a climber just like Carter was. Up the stairs, over Carter and now in and out of the toy box. We went to a soft play park last week and he was climbing up the slides and onto everything he could. He's also now up to three steps and will cling to the walls in each room to walk. It's hard to believe I'm about to have two extremely mobile little boys. I can't even imagine what things both of my boys will climb on and jump off of when they get bigger... I'm in trouble.

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