Thursday, September 10, 2009

For the Kids.

While Mike has been on vacation this week we've stuck around town accomplishing things on our long to-do list for the house and doing things just for the kids. Like our trip to the Children's Museum on Wednesday. The boys loved it. It was a rainy day in the middle of the week so the museum was empty. Perfect conditions for a fun afternoon inside to explore.

First we explored the tot area. They had things for both guys. Slides, Cars, toys, soft things to climb on, ramps, a kitchen play area, a reading area, in general it was a "run a muck" in a controlled area and see new things exhibit for the babies.
Owen loved the larger mirror and took more steps today that we were able to catch on video.
This is a cow puppet Carter "borrowed" from the museum worker. It entertained him for a good ten minutes and he dragged it all over. Here it is riding in the car with him.Where there is a car Carter will find it. We dodged the raindrops and ran in to see the eco exhibit and the chicks hatching. Owen was captivated.
Here's Carter in the science area. Loving the goggles and lab coat. Check out Owen in the background. He's still too little for this part of the museum. Really, a lot of the things were a little more advanced even for Carter. He'd have a lot more fun and really "get" more of it in a few years.
I really had no clue what to expect when we got there. I had no idea there were exhibits outside and had I known we would have waited for a sunny day to go. So at the end of the day we let Carter loose in the outdoor water works area. He had a blast and Mike was a great dad to stand out in the rain with him and play with boats and damns, and other water contraptions. He was soaked in the end. Owen and I hid under one of the umbrellas and he was surprisingly happy for a baby with no nap.
I've really come to enjoy the time we get to spend exploring Houston. It still amazes me that we've been here for five years and there is still so much to see. I love our life in the suburbs, but enjoy the ability to jump in the car and explore a larger city and what it has to offer. The Children's Museum is another trip I can mark off of my to-do and see list.


Jeanette said...

How fun! It is fun exploring Houston and being able to seee it through a child's eye. Sounds like a great "Stay-cation". Enjoy the rest of Mike's time off.

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How’s it going, Angie & Mike?

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