Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Good News
A few weeks ago I mentioned that Mike took another section of the CPA exam. I am happy to say HE PASSED! Hurray, now he has passed two sections and only has two more left that he will take in July. I'm starting to see the light at the end of the "study" tunnel. I can't wait to have Mike back and less stressed. Keep us in your prayers. :)

Since his birthday Carter has switched completely to sippy cups and whole milk. No more baby bottles or formula for our little man. We are also in the process of making the transition from two naps to one. This is a lot harder than I thought it would be. The saving grace to our mornings is the fact that 24 fitness takes him for two hours (yup we still go almost every day - I'm trying to limit the baby weight this time around) and then when we get home we have about an hour and half to kill. If it wasn't so dang hot we could go outside. But the Houston summer is officially here and it's just too hot for either one of us.

Dille Baby 2
I'm getting bigger each day and am starting to get excited now that I can feel the baby move more and more. I am 19 weeks, almost half way there. I've had to get out the body pillow already to help with the tossing and turning at night. You can't help but feel like an alligator when trying to hug the pillow and roll over. Then there is the other three pillows I use to prop myself up to relieve the heartburn until the pepcid ac kicks in at night. It's a wonder that Mike finds room to sleep in the bed anymore. :) I am feeling pretty good, still working out and lifting weights. I don't feel nearly as sick as I did before and I'm only taking one nap a day now too. :) We go in next Monday for the big ultrasound at the hospital so expect updates to follow.

This is what I plan to call Carter after the last month. It seems that as soon as one face bruise fades away it is immediately replaced by another. The last ouchie I posted luckily didn't turn into a black eye, but today he managed to pull his lion (plastic walker/scooter) on top of his face and now his other eye looks like it has road rash, a little on the brow and mostly under the eye. Am I the only mommy who has a little one that is destined to have a constant bruise on his face? I mean really, I am I that bad of a mom? Or is it the fact that Carter doesn't stay still for longer than two seconds. At church there are about four little boys Carter's age and I swear he is the only one to every have a bruise! If I could just come up with some kind of helmet, head/face protector I could make millions...

Photos (Here's the road rash bruise I mentioned before - and Carter smiling with his binkie. He now runs into his room, reaches into his crib and grabs one binkie or two and runs around. I find it too cute to take it away before bed, so I give in and let him have it.)
(You can still see the remnant of his last forehead bruise.)
(He's starting to shut all of the doors in the house and then panics when he realizes that he can't get in or out once it's shut.)
(This picture cracks me up. He loves to be chased and thinks it's so funny when you hurry after him. Here he is running away from the camera with our phone, also a favorite thing of his.)


Kathy said...

Congradulations to Mike!!!! Oh tell him we said Happy Late Fathers Day. Now on to Carter and his bruised head....You are a great mom and every mom goes thru this. Tammy is my accident prone kid she knocked herself out at 18 months and got stitches right above her eye. This to will pass we hope and pray or make sure you stock up on lots of first aid stuff. Remember when Ben had stitches it seemed like every week. Keep us updated!!! Take care we love you

The Hollemans said...

Thats the joy of having a boy!! Be greatful he hasnt learned to climb too much yet. Thats gonna be fun. With Jayden he was always splitting open his lip. Seemed we couldnt keep him from doing it over and over again!!!

Jen said...

My kids always have bruises too...don't worry about it. I remember taking Aaron in for a well child checkup at like 2 years old...He had bruises in 3 places and ant bites all over his legs. I offered up explanations to the pediatrician so he wouldn't worry, but he just laughed and said it sounded like he was "all boy."
PS. call me if you get a chance, there something i need to talk to you about.

Cody & Jessica said...

Congrats Mike!! Good luck with the rest in July! I'm excited for you guys to find out soon what you are having. I was more curious to find out what we are having this time for some reason. I wanted to know if Ava would have a sister or brother. And I'm glad you are feeling well Angie! Good job working out so much!

Noel Family said...

Ok...I obviously missed your posts when you announced that you were pregnant! I had no idea! I guess I need to start scrolling down every time I go to someone's blog in case I missed a post or two :)Congratulations, that's so exciting! And going from 2 naps to one is kinda sad...I loved when Mason went down for 2 naps :)

lynette said...

Congrats Mike! And don't worry--all kids are prone to brusies--you probably just notice them more on your own kid rather than anyone else's!

The Youngblood Family said...

Congrats to Mike!!! That is awesome. I can't wait to find out what you guys are having!!!