Thursday, June 26, 2008


Last night I hosted a baby shower for my good friend Lindsay. She is having a little girl, after two boys, so I had a ball looking and buying pink things for her. I wanted to try and go all out for Lindsay, she's one of those great friends that is always there for you and she has definitely been my "family" out here in Texas since we moved here. Our husbands grew up together in Idaho, then we met at college and Mike and I followed them down here to Texas a year later. What's really fun is that for her last two pregnancies we were pregnant at the same time, along with our other good girlfriend Marie. It's pretty crazy to think that all three of us got pregnant back to back together. Makes for a fun lunch out to chat and exchange crazy stories.
So in honor of Lindsay's shower I branched out in my craftiness to make a diaper cake and favors. I never think that I am a very crafty person. I always look at the talents of others and think, there is no way I can do that. I think this about people who scrapbook and stamp, I've just never seemed to be able to latch on to that talent. (Although I can be handy at photoshop, but that's on the computer- so it only half counts. :) ) But I was pretty proud of myself after making her favors and the diaper cake. I even asked Mike if was impressed with my "domestic diva" skills, he smiled and said "yes". Most likely because he knew it would crush me if he said no. :)

So here is the beautiful diaper cake. I used swaddlers sz. 1 and two receiving blankets, ribbon and pink Gerber daises for the top. It was tricky to figure out at first and time consuming to roll all 88 diapers, but the end result was awesome. I am so proud it was almost bitter sweet to see the cake go home with Lindsay. Guess I'll need to make another for someone else.

These are the favors, I tried to get a good up close picture but the wrapper kept giving off a glare and I'm no pro at cameras. They were honey buns, with a pink and white tag that said, "Thanks for celebrating Lindsay and her "bun in the oven." On these I was able to borrow a few tag punches and even tried some stamping, it was actually pretty fun and totally rewarding to see the final product.
Here are a few photos of me 5 months, Lindsay 8 months and Marie 9 months. Lindsay joked and said she didn't have any photos of herself during her pregnancies. So we took this opportunity to capture a few and have fun with the three of our growing tummies.

I had plans to take pictures all along, but in the process of hosting totally spaced it and forgot until the end when Marie took over and grabbed a few candids of the ladies hanging out. Here are a few of those.

This last group photo Mike took for us. Unfortunately half the group had already gone. We were the stragglers. (From left to right, Debbie, Melodie, Amber, Me, Stacie, Lindsay, April and Marie). Big thanks to Melodie for all of her help with co hosting and who is also the greatest baker, she made the cake, fudge and empanadas. Thanks Marie for bringing queso, and Debbie and Stacie for bringing the veggie and fruit trays. And thanks to the rest of these great ladies (including those not pictured) who came to the shower. PS- Thanks Lindsay for not having the baby yet and making it to your shower this time. :)


Lindsay said...

Those are all awful I remember why I don't have any of my previous pregnant bodies! Thanks again for such a fun night!

The Youngblood Family said...

The shower was great and you did such a great job on her diaper cake. I think you are very crafty. You should start making those cute signs that are in your house. I would buy one :) Just a thought.

Josh and Shyann Croke Family said...

That cake turned out really cute. I was looking at some the other day and wanted to make one, I thought they were so cute. Good job! Keep up the crafting!

lynette said...

Um...hello! You are SO crafty! Look at your house--all done by the two of you! Great job on the diaper cake!!!

Cody & Jessica said...

Cuteness! That diaper cake is SO darling. I'm totally impressed :) And you are looking so cute and barely pregnant too!