Tuesday, September 27, 2011

First Day of School.

Carter started K4 last week and loves spending his afternoons at the "big" school. Today was the big day when both boys started private preschool in the morning. Owen has been counting down and was so excited to go this morning. He ran into the bedroom to get dressed and then walked around the house for the half an hour before we left with his backpack on.

Carter last Wed. First Day of K4. Age 4.
 Owen today First Day of Preschool. Age 2. Will be 3 in two weeks.
Both attempts to get a picture of both boys before school this morning. The red bricks are at the preschool and the front door is our home.

Carter showing Lawson his hand for his Pre-k class.
Owen, Carter and our neighbor Jax.
This one makes me smile. Carter in his super hero pose. Even super heroes go to school.

 Happy First Day of School!
Both boys did so well. Walked right in like big guys and came home with smiles. Owen was exhausted and starving, so after lunch he crashed for a good three hour nap. Carter had lunch and headed out the door to his other school, K4 (this is the program the company school has- kind of like public school on camp). We are walkers, we literally live just a block and a half from the school. Most of the kids in his class ride the bus. Yesterday he asked if we would take him and pick him up from school in the car and call it a "bus."

As I write this I think the long day has caught up with Carter who just had a melt down with quite the temper. So imagine he will crash very soon. I know it's been a long day, and with a big change this is a little expected. I'm hoping tomorrow afternoon goes better when he comes home.

I'm happy the boys are in school. I could tell the last few weeks they have been a bit bored with just mom. They missed their friends and all of the fun preschool activities. This morning I was able to teach another boot camp class and get my visiting teaching done, so it was nice for me too to have a little time to myself and accomplish some things. I can feel routine coming back and it feels good.
Hugs, A

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Em and Tom said...

Super cute kid-o's! Can't wait to see your little girl:)