Saturday, September 10, 2011

We're back!

So we made it safe and sound back to the Sandbox. We arrived a few days ago and are in the midst of a great case of jet lag. It's awesome.

Since my last post, the boys and I survived our flight from Boise to DC. No thanks to an altercation I had on the plane with an older lady trying to swat Carter as she sat in front of him. He was using the seat to occasionally push himself back up (like most kids who can't reach the floor), not kicking every 10 seconds (like some kids). I was trying my very best to contain both boys. Owen cried and cried not wanting to fly again, and then we sat on the runway for an hour because of the earthquake in VA. Add to that it was nap time and we had been up since 5:30 a.m. You get the picture, right?

There is only so much this mamma can handle and then the momma grizzly came out. Yup, it did. No throw downs, just a stern talking too, that began with "Please do not hit my child." Yup, you can imagine that got the attention of pretty much everyone around me. So needless to say, that is one flight I will always remember.

Upon arrival, missing the Virginia earthquake by a mere hour or so, my mom came to our rescue at Reagan National. Then we hauled all of our things, three carts worth back to the car and then headed down to the farm. (Did I mention we just missed the earthquake in Denver too while in the air- seriously the craziest day ever!)

We experienced a pretty good aftershock that night that rumbled the house and bed. I was awake, the kids slept through it all.

Mike arrived the next day, oh and then so did the Hurricane. Or maybe that was one more day later. Either way, we waited the storm out and then booked it south to Myrtle Beach to see his Aunt and Uncle.

Came back, packed, visited family and my best friend Tara from high school, who is so stinking cute pregnant! Ate some more US awesome food, said our goodbyes and jumped back on a plane to KSA.

All in all, I'd say it was a very eventful last week of our summer in the States.

Since being home I have dug out our dining room from the 7 dish barrel boxes and four suitcases it took to get us home. My house is now somewhat presentable. (Just don't go into the master room. I need a few more days for that one.) I can see that order is coming, maybe soon we can make it back on some sort of routine or schedule.

In the meantime. We are alive. Not roasting as bad as I thought we would. Sleeping a lot and missing the US food and grocery stores. Mike is trucking along and back to work and life as usual, it's the rest of us bringing up the rear.

Love you all!
Hugs, A

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Edith Ann said...

Way to go Momma! I cannot believe the audacity of some people. Hope your jet lag passes quickly. We had a rough adjustment this year too!