Monday, December 22, 2008

Good Friends, Good Food, Good Times.

We had a few friends over on Saturday night for some holiday cheer and white elephant exchange. Any excuse to get together with friends is a good one. Everyone brought a goodie or two to share and we spent a lot of time chatting it up and playing a few games. Oh, and at the end of the night we also spent sometime hanging out in the driveway and riding Katie and Dan's scooter. Good times were had by all... I hope. :) We feel very fortunate to have such wonderful friends here in Houston and we're grateful to celebrate the Christmas season with them. If you couldn't make it, we missed you too. Here are a few pictures from the night.
Dan, Katie, Josh and Marie.
Mike riding the scooter.
Dille three, Carter was upstairs sleeping during the party.
Kristy and Wade Marie, Me, Katie"woo" girls.
Opening white elephant gifts. Dan ended up with some sweet holiday undies. Here's Lindsay laughing as Dan opened up his present. Stacie and Tony.
Kristy and I.
*I just realized we didn't get any pictures with Scott, April or Dusty. Sorry guys. We wish we were more on top of our picture taking. Next time you'll be front and center.

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The Youngblood Family said...

We had so much FUN!! Thanks for inviting us. It was nice seeing everyone and the food was yummy.