Thursday, December 18, 2008


Owen 9 weeks

I took both boys in for their well checks yesterday. Here are their stats.

Carter, 18 months
Weight 30 lbs. 95%
Height 35 1/4 inches 95%
FOC 50, 95%

Owen, 2 months
Weight 13.45 lbs. 90%
Height 24 3/4 inches 97%
FOC 40 1/2, 75%

As a side note, Owen weighed exactly the same as Carter at two months and both of their heads have the same FOC as well. The only difference was that Owen had an extra inch on Carter. I believe we are destined to have tall boys... hmm... could there by any Anderson basketball genes in there? What surprises me the most is that Owen was born at 36 weeks and Carter was born at 38, and still Owen is bigger. He's definitely catching up, which is good, he's going to need the extra pounds to protect himself from Carter when they both get bigger.

Carter still isn't talking, so we've been given a referral for a speech program that the school district has for toddlers. This is the only developmental thing he is lagging in. As for Owen, he's up to par, except for smiling. Any day now... please. Other than that, both boys are doing great.

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