Monday, December 22, 2008

Sunday Dress.

I must say the Dille's look pretty good all dressed up. What do you think?
Getting a family picture these days is a whole different ball game. Carter never seems to want to take them and it's a battle. This is the best one of all four of us. At least three out of the four of us are looking at the camera. I know I'm cheesy, but I totally planned for us all to be in red. Mike got dressed and put on a yellow tie and I made him go change... hee, hee. We were going to be a coordinated family today for church and then we had to come home and take a few pictures of our Sunday dress on the Sunday before Christmas. I'm really enjoying being a family of four. Having two boys to dress up and match is way too much fun.
My mom has been staying with us for a few days about every other week to help with the boys. I love having her here and so do the boys. We tried to take a picture with Carter too, but like I mentioned above he was done. It's always so fun to be with her during the holidays. She makes the best cookies and pecan bars and she even helped me with a few sewing projects. Not to mention she is the best shopping partner and we both love the hustle and bustle of the mall during the holidays. Owen 10 weeks. Brotherly love. Carter giving Owen kisses. On a different note, we've had a few other exciting things happen with the boys this week. Carter learned how to lift the toilet lid and my hair brush was the first causality to his toddler fascination. I am keeping a much closer eye on him and making sure to shut the bathroom doors.
Exciting news for Owen... are you ready for this... after ten weeks I finally got a SMILE TODAY! Hurray! and Merry Christmas to me.


Kathy said...

Yayyyyy hopefully you can catch that smile on camera. Have a very Merry Christmas and a safe Happy New Year.
Ohhh lol isn't it funny how our stuff gets ruined when kids are having fun exploring the toilet. Tammy used to get our toothbushes and do that. Tell your mom I said hello and I miss her here also.
Take care Love you all

Heather said...

Yay for smiles!! Isn't it just the sweetest moment when you finally feel like they recognize you with a big grin like that?

Ayden likes to lift the lid of the toilet too. His toothbrush was the most recent casuality. He dipped it and quickly put it in his mouth. EWWWW! Good luck!