Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Quick Trip.

This past weekend I packed my bags and jumped on a plane back to Virginia to attend one of my oldest and best friends bridal shower. I know, crazy to jump on a plane so pregnant. But I'm going to miss her wedding on Oct. 26, most likely because I'll be having a baby the next day, and I wanted to be some what a part of the wedding pre-festivities. I was gone for about 48 hours and both Mike and Carter stayed back in Houston for a guys weekend. It was amazing to fly by myself again, I got to read a book and take a nap. But by the end of the trip I missed them both dearly and was so glad to come home and sleep in my own bed and have access to the large body pillow that is essential for my sleep these days.

I took off Friday night and stayed with Tara and her fiance Jon in DC in their new home. They bought a row house/townhouse by Howard University in a "upcoming" neighborhood. The home has a lot of charm and history, I think she told me it was built in 1890. She is a braver women than I. But city life totally fits them both and I've always known I'm more of a suburbs girl.

Tara gave me a refresher tour of the DC area and I was able to see the new airforce memorial outside of the pentagon. Very cool, a little odd, but really neat. She said the guys at the pentagon have nicknamed it the "airplane catcher." It's pretty much three large metal spikes launching off the ground, it's impossible to miss if you are driving on the highway. We drove by the memorials and caught glimpses of the white house and capital. DC really is an enchanting city. Growing up there you almost take for granted what is right up the street, the national monuments, the history, the museams, the capital, the president. I'm glad I was able to experience all of this growing up. I'm also glad to be across the country now and not still living there. :) It was great to see one of my oldest friends so happy. On Saturday we headed out of the city and back to our hometown for her bridal shower at her parents home.

Tara and I, Sept. 6, 2008. I stayed with my brother Chad and my sister in law Cory on Saturday night. We went out to a Japanese steak house for dinner and boy can my brother eat. :) Granted he is 6'4 or so, and coaches Varsity HS basketball. We had a great time together and I really appreciate the mellowness of both of them. My brother is totally laid back, whereas I am more uptight. It was nice to just relax and catch up. On Sunday I was able to see my dad. I really only travel back home maybe once a year, so it was a treat to see family. Although, I do remember my dad making some comment about my pregnant belly resembling a watermelon. I think it's more of the size of a large beach ball at this point. It's hard to imagine that I still have two months to go and we'll both continue to grow. I guess you have to love family and their complete honesty.
My Brother Chad and I at the airport Sunday night. The sun was out in full force and we both have those great squinty eyes.
On Sunday morning I made a trip to see some old family friends, Jon and Janet Cherry. Janet use to be one of my young women leaders at church when I was growing up and Jon worked at the fire station with my mom. They were really like my second parents and I am so glad they were willing to love me through my teenage years. The great news about the Cherry family is that they had twin boys in July! Jack and Luke. They also have an almost 4 yr. old AJ, who is also to die for and has the best smile. It was a great visit and they are doing so well with their growing family. I use to think having twins would be so much fun, until I had one baby, then I gained a whole new perspective and mother of twins are truly heroes!

Me (31 weeks pregnant) with Jack and Luke Cherry (8 weeks old).

So all in all, I made it back home to both of my boys unscathed. (Can't say the same for my new luggage that came back with a big gash in the side... grr Continental airline baggage people!) I am so grateful to have had the chance to make the quick trip back to VA, and so grateful my wonderful husband decided to let me go and took on Carter for the weekend. Every time I talked to Mike and Carter they were doing something, running some errand, or at the gym. He got a lot more done tugging Carter around than I usually do in one week. So I was impressed. Mike gave Carter his first pickle and supposedly he loved it. I on the other hand, cannot stand pickles, so poor Carter will have to wait until I'm not around to eat another one. Mike also taught him how to do somersaults and while I was gone Carter figured out how to drop his baby spoons into the air vent in the game room. Never a dull moment with a toddler is there?
Carter playing in my suitcase as I unpacked.

No more trips for this pregnant lady. We are hunkering down for the last 8 weeks of pregnancy. I haven't started to nest or get ready for baby dille two. So it's about time I get on it. Well, at least this is what my friend Sarah told me on the phone yesterday. I remember doing so much to get ready for Carter. I guess the second time around I keep thinking I still have time and time keeps flying by. Carter just runs me into the ground these days. I keep getting slower and he keeps getting faster. I'm still wondering how I will manage two, but where there is a will there is a way, right?


matt and brynn said...

It sounds like it was a fun get away. It's nice to have those refreshing weekends. I love the pictures with the twins. I looked at it and decided that I have no clue what we are in for.

Tara said...

Angela, It was so great to see you. Thank you for making the effort to come to VA for the shower- I couldn't have asked for a better gift. You are an amazing friend! For now, avoid hurricanes and keep taking care of yourself and the guys and I'll see you soon as a mom of 2! Love you, Tara