Monday, September 29, 2008

Another Weekly Update.

Another week has come and gone and I am once again asking myself where did it go? I feel like I must have accomplished a lot... then I have those days when Mike comes home and asks me what I've done and I'll I can think to say after one of those days is... Carter is still alive, that is what I've done. Being 34 weeks pregnant with a toddler learning how to be independent, I think a day where we both survive counts as an accomplishment.
Carter is really growing these days. He has two molars now and I'm sure the rest will be soon to follow. He loves to help around the house and sweep, mop and dust with me. He even managed to crawl completely out the doggie door on Sunday. Mike looked out and there he was playing with the hose in the backyard. At church we've learned that Carter loves to take crayons out of the box and put them back in. While in class with Mike, Carter decided he liked to color his graham crackers and try to eat them, not such a good idea little man. In the past week he's discovered his own language of jibber jabber and is learning to use his tongue more. I'm hoping this will lead into some more progress in his speech. He's also become a little bruiser and has had some "run ins" with the other toddlers at the gym day care and is learning the concept of time out. Lately he's learned how to use a fork and spoon to eat. Mostly he picks the food up and puts it on the fork or spoon, but in the past few days he's started to pick up on using the fork to stab his food.

He's also decided that he wants to be a big kid and instead of sitting in the high chair, he pulls out the kitchen chair and wants to sit with us at the table. Cute, yes, safe, not so much, but we're working on it.

Love, love, love this picture. Carter 15 months.
Just getting back from the Ramages. Carter played hard and passed out on the way home.Did we mention our little man is not so little these days? He can reach the door handles now. 34 weeks pregnant and counting... I chopped my hair off this past weekend. I needed a change... it's a little short, but change is good and once I figure out how to style it I'm sure I'll like it better.
We keep taking pictures of me pregnant so on Sunday I decided to return the favor and take a picture of Mike. Looking good honey! He looks a little tired, he was in training in Dallas all week and then spent all day Saturday running errands and laying carpet for our good friends.
Random picture I know. Carter loves shoes these days. Unfortunately he has the chubbiest feet and can't fit into very many. So he's become a big fan of our flip flops. Here he is in Mike's, complete with binky- which I'm not sure why he has outside of his crib, and a sticker on his forehead, in a classic white onesie. Also looking good!


lynette said...

I love the shorter do! And, only six more weeks--how can that be?! You guys all look great!

The Youngblood Family said...

Your hair cute looks great and it was nice seeing you at your shower. I can't wait to meet Baby #2. Hope you had a peaceful, non stressful day in the medical center today. :)