Thursday, September 4, 2008

Labor Day Weekend.

We spent Labor day weekend here in Houston. Mike was able to take Thursday, Friday and Monday off and then his brother Bryan, and his wife, Nikki came down from Oklahoma City to visit. It was so great to see them and we were so grateful they were willing to make the drive. We hadn't seen anyone from Mike's family since April, so it was a much needed visit from family. Sometimes its harder than you would expect to live far away from both families and it's bittersweet when everyone has a chance to get together but you're not able to make it. With this being said, it was great to see familiar faces for the weekend and enjoy the company of family... even if your brother in law takes over the TV to watch ESPN as much as possible. :)

Bryan, Carter and Nikki Bryan playing with Carter and Carters beloved piggy bank.
The two pictures below are just an example of how fun it was to try to get Carter to take a picture. He would smile and then decide once the camera was just about to take the picture, to try and escape.

On Saturday, we headed down to Galveston. What we in Houston consider the beach. It wasn't Myrtle Beach by any means but it was nice. The water was warm like bath water, it could have been a few degrees colder, but maybe this is all just part of hurricane season -the warm gulf adding fuel to the hurricanes. We spent the afternoon on the beach, playing in the surf, digging in the sand with Carter and just relaxing. Unfortunately we didn't really take any pictures, but here are just a few.

Here's our little beach baby, complete with UV blocking surf shirt. See the guy in the background making the fancy sandcastle... yeah try keeping a 14 month old away from that. :)
So recently Carter has decided he likes to dip his food in ranch, or any other kind of sauce. It's messy but at times pretty entertaining when we really let him at it. You can pretty much get him to eat anything if it's dipped in ranch dressing. Yes, I know he is definitely my child, he loves ranch and when he was sick all that we would really eat was pizza. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. :) On Saturday night we have fajitas from Lupe Tortilla's our favorite Mexican restaurant, I'm not sure how or why, put Carter got a hold of the sour cream and went to town. Dipping all of his meat and anything on his plate for that matter. At one point I think he was dipping his fingers and licking them. Here are a few pics of that as well. We all had a pretty good laugh. Thanks for a great weekend Bryan and Nikki, and thanks Mike for checking a few more things off of the honey do-list.


lynette said...

the gulf is like a warm bath, a dirty, warm bath, but it's better than nothin' i suppose. the water here is freezing--year round, almost too cold to get in. i'm not sure which is worse. disgusting warm water or freezing clear water?

Kathy said...

I'm glad to see that you are doing great. I so wish I lived closer so we could hang out and I can spoil your kids!!!! Love you