Saturday, November 17, 2012


Our first two days in Sri Lanka were bright and sunny. The sky was blue with white puffy clouds and it was beautiful. Probably our favorite two days (other than the Safari day) of the trip. We enjoyed the beach.
Later that evening we headed to the Sea Turtle Sanctuary. Only in Sri Lanka could you pick these little guys up, the kids LOVED it, and so did we. The facility houses patches and patches of turtle eggs and then holds onto the newly hatched turtles until the bottom of their little shells harden a bit and then they release them into the ocean. They also house several sea turtles that have been injured. It was pretty neat.
Our favorite part of the trip. Each kiddo was able to pick up and carry a little sea turtle to the edge of the beach and release them into the ocean as the sun was setting. It was a race to the water. Go turtles go!
 Drawing pictures of our turtles after they were long gone.
 It was an awesome night!
hugs, A

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Jennifer said...

wow! what a memorable vacation! Jen