Saturday, November 24, 2012

what happened?

So I've posted twice in about a month. I know totally not like me at all, except when we are on repat, then you come to expect that. But right now when are in the thick of holidays over here in the sandbox I should be more on the ball with these sorts of things. Today I sat down to update. Went to post a photo and I've hit my storage limit for the blog. So I'll need a day or two to figure out what I plan to do about that. I've been blogging for five years, so I guess it was about time I hit some sort of limit.
We're good.
The quick updates.
Lexie is crawling, going from all fours to sitting, has three teeth, clapping and has begun to leave a wake of baby destruction behind her as she takes on the house.
Also an update, Mike and I are learning to baby proof again and so are the boys. They have also been introduced to what it means to really, truly have a little sister, one that makes a bee line for anything and everything they have, are in to, or are playing with.
Carter is morphing into a little boy every day. I feel like he wakes up each morning a little bit taller. He has decided he no longer wants spiky hair. I'm a bit heartbroken. I still gel it in the morning and most days he comes home for lunch and he has flattened it at school with some water in the bathroom. He loves to draw still and is getting pretty good with his letters. We spend several afternoons drawing pictures and writing words about his pictures, sounding out the words and writing. It's such a new and exciting stage we are in. Just yesterday during sacrament at church I heard him singing, looked over to see him writing out his abc's and singing out loud when he became stuck on what letter came next.
Owen is the costume man. You can usually find him dressed as a superhero, the favorites this week, superman, captain America and (not so much a commercial super hero) army guy. When he's not dressed to 'save the day' he always wants to be in gym shorts or his soccer jersey. He is the first to come over and give you a kiss just because, or to whisper in your ear that he loves you. Melts my heart every time.
Me. Now that Lexie is 9 months I stepped on the scale the other morning and felt pretty proud of myself with the number I saw. I plateaued a bit about two months ago, and this past month after our trip to Sri Lanka and now teaching three times a week I've been able to drop the last four pounds of post baby. I've been working hard and it's great to see and feel the results.
Mike. Is enjoying his time with the kids and the family. We still laugh about how great it is to have him home for lunch and in the afternoons when he gets home about 4:30. Life here in that regards is so great. He's finishing projects, starting new ones and keeping it all balanced with work, church calling, and his really needy family. He's still cross fitting it up and enjoying his gps heart rate monitor watch.
We're looking forward to Christmas. Decorations are up. Tree will go up tonight. Countdown is on 31 days.
Hugs, Angie


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I just hit my storage limit too for photos. :(

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