Saturday, April 5, 2008


Another Saturday is drawing to a close and I find myself wondering where did the day go? But actually I find myself wondering this a lot lately as the days keep coming and going. I can't decide if this is because my life has become so routine, wake up, get Carter, feed Carter, go to the gym, come home, Carter takes nap, take a shower, eat lunch, run errands, fold laundry, clean something, Carter takes another nap, eat dinner, Carter gets a bath then a bottle and off to sleep and so on... or if I am feeling this way because the days are in deed going by quickly.

It's such a change to stay home and be a mom. My sense of accomplishments have also changed. I've been thinking about this a lot too. Before I would feel accomplished when I would complete an assignment, cross a task of off my work list, make a deadline. Now I feel accomplished when I have fresh vacuum lines in the living room, there are no dirty dishes in the sink, I have clean bathrooms and a kitchen floor clean, or even something as simple as changing the bed sheets. I just can't get over how different everything is. I'm even compulsive enough to expect Mike to notice all of the nit picky little chores I accomplish. Bless his heart, he tries to say thank you or say, "hey the bathrooms look great" or "yeah fresh sheets." And this little thank you or acknowledgment from him is what makes my day, after I have had my fill of acknowledgment and love from Carter. :) I still do have little accomplishments that reflect my old work ones, they are just few and far between. There are days when I'm able to roll up my sleeves and do some things as a personal shopper for Shade, but in all honesty Carter keeps me so busy (and my obsession with a clean house) that even Shade takes a back seat. Shade does allow for a break up in my routine, that is much needed at times and makes me feel like I am still connected with the world outside of the four walls of our little house. I guess I'm just having one of those "perspective" nights, when you finally have a chance to take a deep breath and think for once.

Carter is working on the other front tooth. I think I'm still disappointed this tooth didn't come in with the other one, and relieved at the same time that it is finally coming in. It looks a little odd just to have one big ole chomper and not two. :) The runny nose is back and so is the sad face that comes along with it. I feel so bad for him, knowing the we'll have another year of this. It's just that darn runny nose I can't stand. He now has a red little chapped nose. The Dille house could be an ad for puffs plus this week. Anyone have any experience with home remedies to help?


lynette said...

I don't really have a remedy for teething, but I can say that it seems the first four are the worst. They seem to get easier after those are in. Good luck!

P.S. Now you understand my obsession with vacuum lines! Hehehe...

Kathy said...

Hey my dear cousin,
I don't have a remedy either, but I do understand the same ole same ole routine.....Just remember you are a great mom and we all love you. It rough I walked in to your brother having a rough time and venting with your mom. I felt so bad for him. Take care and call me sometime or whatever I can't get a hang on this blog thing.
Love you it will get better and remember to try and get out without Carter so you can get a breather. Love ya

Dille Clan said...

I love seeing new vacuum lines on the carpet too! And a clean kitchen floor, please! We just got a puppy and with 4 barefeet running around on the floor, ya right! I really want to hire someone to clean my kitchen floors, I hate to mop. Carter is so cute and you are a great mom! By the way I am so with you on the sonic gift card. I am there at least 3 or 4 times a week for happy hour. Did you know they had a punch card and they just started doing happy hour on the weekend! Maybe it's different everywhere, but I'm excited! Talk to you later. Jana

Jen said...

I feel the same way about accomplishments. I still need to have my to-do list and things crossed if I do something that wasn't on my list I write it down and cross it off just to show that I did something!
Good luck with the teeth.