Wednesday, April 23, 2008


This past week we traveled to Portland Oregon for Mike's youngest brother, Paul's wedding. Paul and Brenda were married last Thursday at the Portland LDS temple and it was beautiful. We're so happy for both of them and look forward to the great things they will accomplish as a couple and eternal family. This is a picture of the Dille's, Shala, Mike's mom, Charlotte, Brenda, Paul, Mike's dad, Val, Bryan and Mike. The picture below has the rest of the Dille clan. Brian, Shala, Landon, Bryan, Nikki, Charlotte, Brenda, Paul, Val, Mike, Carter and Angie.
Here are a few pictures from our trip. We had a great time. Carter was a champ. Although his top tooth was coming in, and he managed to leap out of Mike's hands on the plane trip there and get a black eye from smacking into the arm rest, we think he did fairly well being dragged around Oregon and withstanding the crazy cold weather. It was wonderful having Mike around for five straight days and it was great to spend time with his family. It is so rare that we see all of them, that it was great to get a little extra time over the weekend after the wedding. We stayed in Portland for one night and then traveled south to Brenda's town for the reception. Then we traveled to the coast for the rest of the weekend and stayed in a beach house in Sea Side. Oregon was beautiful. Everything was so green and the beach was breathtaking. It was out of the normal cold the weekend we were there. In fact it snowed and hailed on and off all weekend . We did however manage to bundle everyone up and take Carter and his little cousin Landon to the beach. We saw the "goonie" sites, see the rock picture below and also had a chance to explore some other smaller cities on the coast.

It still amazes me how much different life is now. Traveling is a different ball game with an infant. It was impossible to stay on schedule, you can't let them cry at night in a hotel, so he spent a few nights in the king size bed with us. It's not the same just pick up and go. We had a caravan of luggage and still had to make a trip to Target when we got there for last minute essentials. But even with these minor delays, traveling is more exciting now. We took Carter to the beach for the first time. How amazing is that? We've been blessed with this amazing little spirit and as parents we have the opportunity to raise children, teach them, introduce them to the world and rejoice in each of their accomplishments and milestones reached. I know Charlotte must be rejoicing having her final baby marry this past week. I hope and pray that Mike and I will be good parents and that Carter will grow to be a wonderful and valiant young man, who will serve a mission and marry in the temple for time and all eternity.

PS. I know the formatting is off with this post. But after spending way too much time trying to fix it... I give up. I hope you can piece together my sentences and figure out what I meant. If not, just enjoy the photos. I'll add more to flicker tomorrow.


Cody & Jessica Peters said...

What a nice trip. The northwest is so beautiful - too bad it was so cold. It is totally crazy how having kids changes everything. I had to get used to traveling with Ava too. You have such a cute little family. I love being able to stay updated with you guys now!

Heather said...

Oh that's Canon Beach! I have family there - isn't it such a cute town. I love it! Looks like a fun trip.

lynette said...

That beach looks beautiful!
"Goonies never say die!"--hahaha!
Glad you had fun!