Friday, March 22, 2013

spring soccer.

 We just wrapped up another soccer session in the sandbox. Pretty sure the boys were most excited about the medals. Owen also insists to wear his uniform whenever and where ever he can.
Coach Dad/Mike was at it again. Coaching about 15-20 five and six year old boys every Tuesday night.
 I think Owen spent more time here than on the field. And yes, that is a true blue Mohawk on that kid.
The boys and dads biggest fan.
Lexie cruising up and down the sidelines.
Spring Break is right around the corner.
Then it is back to the pool for our posse.
It's starting to warm up here in the Sandbox. It's the writing on the wall for whats to come. Good thing we are heading out the end of July and will hunker down in Boise to have our next baby in the States. We will miss the two hottest months. August and September.
Hugs, A

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Marie said...

YAY! I'm so excited you are coming to Boise to have your next baby! We'll be in our new house by then, so we can all party!