Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bringing the Heat.

It's here... The heat has arrived.
So we are doing what we do best this time of year. Head to the pool to cool off and swim like fish. Swim lessons are back on and our two little fish are back at it like we never spent a winter in Idaho.
 This cutie isn't hitting the pool just yet. She hangs out in the stroller or most of the time in mommies arms. When I'm lucky she takes a quick snooze in the stroller so I can jump in deep end with the boys. Soon enough this little one will be another little Dille fish. 
 Really unrelated to the heat or the pool, but fun anyways. We went into town to shop for a birthday present. While perusing the rows of toys Mike spotted this...
One of these toys is not like the other. Can you spot it?
Wait, that's no Bullseye, that looks like the donkey from Shrek. Sometimes I think we get the reject toys here.
Hugs, A


Michelle S.J. said...

They are the reject toys. After about 2 years of us telling the boys to not expect much with the toys they finally got it. Now when we see stuff at the dollar store they say, "Hey these are just like Saudi toys."

Edith Ann said...

haha we totally do get the rejects. We bought Madeline a dora charater set for christmas and it contained an Ernie from Sesame street, some strange ugly cat, and a little plastic overfilled jar of cookies. Good times.