Saturday, May 26, 2012

Run for the Border.

 We got a Taco Bell in the Sandbox.
Never thought that would happen. It was a happy day for all expats when it opened and I think most of us have already visited at least once.
There are a lot of kinks for them to work out, I think Mike had to go back up to the counter three times to get our order fixed. But generally the food tasted like good old TB from back in the States. One exception they serve french fries with the value meals. That's not a new thing is it? or is it just a Sandbox thing? Also the drive thru is a "Cruise" thru.
Owen loves Tacos and ate three! Carter whined for most of the visit saying he wanted a cheeseburger instead. And yes, I did bring my own Coke with me.
Hugs, A

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