Monday, March 26, 2012

Hands Full.

37 hours total travel time door to door. 
3 Airplanes.
2 Layovers.
1 Layover spent in an airport hotel -Best $200 we ever spent.
10 Dish barrel boxes.
3 Car seats.
1 Stroller.
2 Carry ons.
3 kids.
We had our hands full, but we made it!
 More impressive may be the fact that we got everything in the back of the Suburban. This picture is missing a few things we already took in the house.
Every inch had something in it. If you look at the floor you can see the extra car seat base and stroller.
  Our welcome home posters from Franca and her kiddos. The boys were so excited to see our front door decorated!

We had a 7 hour layover in Dubai after our 16.5 hr flight from L.A. This is where we decided to get a hotel room inside the airport. It was worth every penny. We were able to take showers, freshen up and I was able to nurse Lexie in the comforts of a room and not in a hard airport chair outside the gate.

This also gave us a chance to let Mike leave us somewhere safe and run down the carry on we left on the plane -yikes! But lucky for us we got everything back. The hotel room gave the little lady and I a chance to stretch out and get some rest. At the same time, gave the boys a chance to run a muck in the safety of the room. Carter had a good time with the Itouch, we have pictures of everything in the room, including Lexie and I snoozing away.
It's nice to be home and sleeping in our own beds again. We've been back Safe and Sound in the Sandbox for about a week and have no desire to do that again anytime soon. At least until August.
Hugs, A

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