Monday, March 26, 2012

First Month.

The first four weeks our new little girl have come and gone so fast.
An entire month.
We started in Idaho and are now back in the Sandbox that we call our Expat home.
Not very many newborns have passports and have already traveled the world.
Might I add, she did amazing on the plane.
We love Lexie.

She loves to have her hair washed.
She likes car rides (not her car seat and not when the car stops.)
She likes to be held and snuggled.
She loves to be snuggled in her minky blanket.
She sleeps pretty well, we can usually get a four hour stretch most nights. 
She still gets the hiccups atleast once a day, just like she did when I was pregnant.
She loves to be stretched out and prefers to sleep with her arms up and out.

Alas she is not an easy baby.
She nurses well and has from the beginning.
But she has reflux like the boys had and spends most of her day crying.
Understanably, because her tummy hurts.
At this point we think it's a bit of colic too.
For the first few weeks we would spend most of the night holding her while she screamed.
Now she does this in the afternoon instead of nightime.
The prevacid is helping and we're buying our time until this colic thing is over.
That happens at three months right?
Owen loves to pet her and give her kisses.
Carter is concerned about where she is.
Mike is already wrapped around her finger and likewise she's already a daddys girl.
I'm enjoying having a little girl and the fun things, like bows and flowers and headbands and dresses that come with it.
Lexie is  our littlest baby.
Infact she's spent her first month wearing newborn clothes, which the boys never fit in to.
On day 3 she was only 7 lbs, down 10 ozs from birth.
In another 10 days she got back to birth weight.
Then at 3 weeks she was 8.11 lbs.
The week before we left to come back, my mom and I spent a few days buying smaller clothes because I had really only purchased bigger sizes expecting her to be more like the boys.
She is perfect the way she is.
It's only fitting that she be a bit more danty and smaller than the boys.

Here are some photos from Lexie's first month.
Coming home from the hospital.
 First Few Days.

 Weeks 2 and 3.
3 weeks. On our last trip to Target.

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