Tuesday, March 20, 2012


We blessed Lexie on March 4 in Mike's home ward. The blessing circle included Mike, Grandpa Val Dille, Uncles- Bryan, Paul and Brian McDonald, our good friends, Todd B., Tom P. and Mike T.
Lexie was an angel the entire meeting and during the blessing. She slept through it all. It was a beautiful day and her dad gave her a beautiful blessing. We are thrilled to have our baby girl here and so happy we were able to share this special day with our friends and family.
Our Family of Five.
 Proud Parents.
 Baby Lexie. My mom made her blessing dress from the train of my wedding dress. My grandma Mouser sent Lexie the blessing bracelet. How lucky she is to have so many women who love her.
 This was the first baby blessing of our children that my mom was able to be there for. So happy she was there. 
*We've made it back to the sandbox and have been here for a week. I haven't had time for much between newborn and jet lags, unpacking, nesting and just life as a family of five. I have a lot of updating to do. But that too, will come in time. Hopefully sooner than later*
Hugs, A


Edith Ann said...

What an awesome idea to make a blessing gown out of your wedding dress! She looked absolutely adorable! Congratulations Angie. I am glad you're back. Hope we get to see you soon!!

Em and Tom said...

Love the pics. So glad we could be there for it:) Glad you're home safe and sound. Miss you already.

The Youngblood Family said...

You guys all look so cute!!! I think 2 boys and a girl is perfect...speaking from experience. :) Lexie is so adorable and I love the idea of making the blessing gown out of your wedding dress!!!