Saturday, December 3, 2011

Rain in the Sanbox.

It's rained twice in the last week! Which could only mean...
We FINALLY had a chance to bring out the rain boots!
I only wish that the rain boots came with an umbrella. Because that my friends, is an item that never made it with us from Houston to the Sandbox.
So we dashed through the raindrops and once inside the car, Owen requested kid umbrellas for he and Carter for Christmas. 
Smart kid, although I don't think I'm willing to give up space in our bags from the States for umbrellas that we will use about five times a year.

One of the rain storms this past week was actually a tropical depression. The entire Eastern Province of the Kingdom closed schools for the day. Our company schools stayed open. 
 It rained and flooded, even with less than an inch coming down. You see, sandbox = no drainage system. Those days, best to stay on camp. Because you know not even rain will slow down the crazy and wreckless drivers in town. Although on camp it warrants most drivers creeping at perhaps half the speed limit because of the rain, like we were in a giant snow storm. Comical really.
So it rained. Our home phone line never recovered and we have a maintenance order in to install a new line. Waterproof you would hope, but sadly I doubt it.
 Most leaky roofs are met with the repair guy who says "don't worry, it never rains."

Back to the boots.
Rain Boots = Happy Boys!
Hugs, A

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