Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Pink Christmas

I was thrown the most wonderful Pink Christmas Baby Shower last weekend.
Lisa (pictured below on left) and Jen (on the right), as well as Adrienne and Jen S. (who sadly both couldn't make it) hosted the shower and did such a great job at making me feel so special that day. 
It was a wonderful morning spent with some of my favorite ladies from camp. Who literally showered me with pink baby things under the Christmas tree. After two boys and a lot of blue, it felt pretty surreal unwrapping little girlie things. I loved it all and am so excited to put our little lady in all of the cute outfits we were given.

They even went in on a group gift to give us a high chair and play mat. The generousity and love that was poured out that morning was humbling. I feel so blessed to be here and be surrounded by so many amazing friends who love and care for our family.

Of course, it wasn't until the end of the shower I finally took out my camera. I was a little preoccupied with chatting, laughing, playing a few games (did you know that currently my tummy is 8 squares of TP wide?), opening presents and enjoying a delicious brunch.

Here are some of the ladies and I.
My first friend here in the Sandbox, Yvette. Her husband works with Mike and they came to pick us up from the airport when we arrived. The boys and I LOVE her! She has been so supportive and loving this past year and is a big reason we are still here.
Franca, Me, Erin and Kasondra. Fellow playgroup moms and such wonderful friends. Franca and Erin are also now avid Boot Campers since my class started this fall. (Yes, still teaching BC for one more week and I still manage pretty well.)
 Charlotte and I. Charlotte has three awesome little boys around our kids age and moved here just weeks after us from Houston.
 Edith, Fiona and I. More playgroup moms who we love. These two are so much fun in every way.  
 Jolene and I. Jolene is one of the other fitness instructors on camp, she's a tough cookie and will make you work hard. She's also heaven sent and subbed my class last month when we were all sick.
 Me, Heidi and Shelly. Also fitness buddies and Shelly has two little ones, Abby who Carter adores and Luke who is Owens age.
Emily and I. She's a newly wed and pregnant too. But still in the first trimester. When I come back in the spring I'll get to go to her shower!
Another 'blooming' buddy. Fiona is expecting in June. We laughed about having a belly bump. I win. She also guessed my width in TP right on. This girl is good!
The Pink Shower Cake made by Tori. It was chocolate and oh so yummy!
This was at the end of the shower, one little group photo in front of the tree. Lisa, Jen, Fiona, Me, Emily and Edith.
I really couldn't and can't say thank you enough for that morning and for all of the love and support we have been shown with this pregnancy. I'm so thankful for Jen and Lisa, for coordinating and throwing the shower. Lisa went all out with the decorations and her house with beautifally transformed into a pink Christmas theme. The front door was lined with pink and adorned with a Christmas tree with pink snow flakes.
I'm so grateful and blessed.
Thank you ladies! I will miss you all so much over the next two months when I freeze back in Idaho. Don't forget about me ok, I am coming back. Promise!
Hugs, A

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Michelle S.J. said...

I thought the lady with the short hair was Lisa. I met her on one of my first flights back in country alone with the boys. She was a big help to me. Then I would run into her on camp every so often. We were also on the my last flight out of Kingdom. And we hung out for a little while in the Amsterdam play area. I hadn't seen her with short hair but thought it was her from your Thanksgiving pictures. Safe travels home for the holidays.