Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Every OB appointment I have they do an ultrasound. However they aren't as good about printing pictures of the ultrasound.

The two below I had to ask the doctor for so the boys could see. That was their own request for the day, knowing where I was going. We still don't have the pictures from the big 18 week ultrasound with the typical she's a girl photo. But atleast we have these two. I wanted to get these scanned and on the blog before leaving tonight. Remember the collections of posts become our family journal each year.

19 weeks. 

 27 weeks.
Last week the estimate was that our little lady is just over 3 lbs and her head is measuring about a week ahead. Perhaps she will be smaller than the boys, I'm hoping at least. But really, she's doing great. Right on track.

Tonight we leave for our flights home. A total of 33 hours of travel. I imagine the boys will do better than I will. I'm dreading the travel. We have one long leg, 16.5 hours from the Middle East to LA. Then another hopper to Idaho.
The boys have been chomping at the bit to get on the plane and to Idaho. Carter keeps asking if there is snow there. Owen asks how long until Christmas. Even Mike is full of excitement.
 I'm excited, but sad at the same time, because I know after the holidays Mike will have to go back without us for 5 weeks. I'm not sure how I am going to manage the boys by myself at the very end of this pregnancy, the thought scares the heck out of me.
Off to finish packing. I've really been packing for two days now, taking it easy I suppose or a bit of denial or procrastination. You decide.
Keep us in your prayers, we may need it to survive the next 33 hours!
Hugs, A

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Lindsay said...

Just caught up on your blog! Sounds like you enjoyed your last couple days before you flew to Idaho! Hope your flight went well! Call when you get a minute!