Tuesday, December 20, 2011

December in a Jingle.

We've had a busy month.
Prepping for the holidays.
Decorating our home into a winter wonderland.
Prepping to leave to have the baby.
Enjoying the season and each other. 

I enjoyed the annual Christmas Tea (minus the tea for me).
Rolled the Bunco dice and exchanged gifts under the tree.
Went to three holiday craft shows in the sandbox, believe that one, surprisingly awesome.
Made and sold our own craft this year- 11 set of Christmas count downs.
We took the boys to the Carol Sing with live nativity. 
We participated in a live nativity for the kids- they were 'Wise' Dille boys.
We made sugar cookies to give away and ate them all instead. Hey they were good!
Hosted a mommy cookie exchange, does that make up for eating the other ones?

Introduced our elf, Jingle.
Who sadly returned back to Santa yesterday after losing his magic from a mischievous four year old while there was a babysitter in the house.
We heard he may be given enough magic to meet us in Idaho, but alas, we will have to see.

We spent a night on the Polar Express.
Complete with a golf cart/train ride in our Christmas jammies.
*More pictures coming soon on this one.*

 So blessed to be here and be able to celebrate the season while here.

Taught my last Boot Camp while preggo this morning.
Had our last play date this afternoon.
Almost packed.
One more sleep until Idaho.
Hugs, A

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