Saturday, November 13, 2010

Making the Most.

We arrived in Saudi the first of October.
Three weeks later we recieved two large air shipment boxes.
Not until the end of December do we expect/and are scheduled to receive our large shipment. This shipment pretty much being EVERYTHING we own and that makes our home feel like an actual home.
I believe this may be one of the hardest things about the move. Not having our things and not being able to run down to the store and pick up our favorite things. Toys for the boys, kitchen items, keepsakes, decorations, nice towels and sheets, yummy smelly wall flowers, all of the comforts of our life back in Houston. Yes, we have the most important thing, each other. But in all honesty, I'm couting down the days until they show up with our crates of "home."
It still feels like we are visiting. Staying in a rental unit with strange company furniture and playing with borrowed toys and comforts. So until then, we are making the most of what we have been given.
I give you THE Aramco Living Room Tunnel.
Each excursion is an adventure with the possibility of a collapse.
An afternoon of entertaining two off the wall little boys. Good times at our house, no matter what side of the world we are on.
Believe it or not, we have the nice couch pattern.
Don't you wish you had these in your home?
I know you are jealous.
Hugs, A


Michelle S.J. said...

Hang in their Angie. My two were your boys age plus a baby. It was nice that if they did have to wreck the house for a little entertainment that I felt absolutely fine with it. In fact just this week we were watching a family video of that time when we had "nothing from home" and we did survive it/ Oh and I had the 70's brown college dorm furniture at least you've got the 80's. However, I guess brown is back in and pastels aren't yet.

Really you'll be surprised how much money you save by the end of the year without all those fun shops to visit. You know those ones where you just go to look but find tons of stuff. Also I shop so much during repat that I am ready to not shop for a while when I come back.

Edith Ann said...

Hi Angie! Just found your blog and love it. Hope you don't mind me reading it. I haven't seen that couch cushion pattern here yet, hmm, reminds me of my Grandma who was obsessed with blue. Nice tunnel!

Getting our MAIN shipment was like Christmas... it is SO nice to see and use your own things again. Your stuff should be coming around REAL Christmas time right? How wonderful is that? It may not seem like it, but it will be here before you know it!

I agree - the shopping and convenience of just "going out" when you need to - it's not the same, and a definitely struggle to get used to - but in a way it is a blessing and helps you get more organized and aware of what you really need.