Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Into Town.

I look forward to Tuesdays. For the past few weeks each Tuesday, Tiffany and I have taken a driver into Khobar for a little exploring and shopping. It's nice to get off camp and nice to spend time with a new friend and our boys.
Carter is in preschool so I only have Owen. This week I brought the stroller and it was a lot easier not having to chase after him in the little shops. There is a lot of chaos a two year old can cause climbing towers of rugs and trying to mount large elephant statues... you get the idea.
Here's Owen and I. Sweet Abiya huh?
If you look behind me you can see an intersection. No stop signs, no lights. People just drive through them and you hope the person coming the other direction slows down or stops. Still freaks me out. The streets are one way and squished with parked cars on each side. Our driver has an Expedition and it amazes me how he can manuever around all of this.
Looking down the street the other direction.
Tiffany and Baby Andrew. Or as Owen calls him "Baby Drew Drew."
The official "goods" from the trip in town. Lots, and lots of Cheese Bread from Latiff Bakery. We freeze some, fridge some for the day and eat a few fresh. Our driver was prepared this time and called the bakery when he picked us up to place an order. Yes, this is my favorite driver for sure now.
I've made a few "big" purchases on our town excersions. This one I purchased today. It's an old set of shutters from Khobar. I plan to hang this on the wall. I love everything about it.
This treasure I found on last weeks town trip. The color is more rich in person and has a set of shelves inside. I love this piece too.
You can also see our pumpkin for Halloween. Officially the most expensive pumpkin we have ever purchased. And then the great debate happened, to carve or to save for pumpkin pie in November. We opted to save it, the need for pumpkin pie won. So if you have any fantastic recipes for home made pumpkin pie and know how to cook the pumpkin and such, please, please share!
Hugs, A


Jen said...

We carve our pumpkins, then cook them! I cut it up, put it in my pressure cooker for about 15-20 min, then the outer shell just peels right off. Then I put it into ziploc bags in my freezer and make pumpkin cookies and pumpkin bread all year long whenever I feel like it. If you need more info, just ask.

lynette said...

I LOVE your new furniture! I bet looking at those beauties takes some of the sting out of a bad day! :)

Angie and Mike said...

Thanks Jen. Great tips, I may be emailing you for more!

Lynette, Yes great retail therapy you know me so well! They are fantastic pieces and Mike is warming up to them and letting me shop. :)

Julie said...

Hey Angie! Jack-o-lantern pumpkins aren't the same as pie-making pumpkins. The meat you get from a carving pumpkin will be a lot less powerful as far as the pumpkin flavor. Like Jen said, they use theirs for pumpkin cookies and bread, but it has a very mild pumpkin flavor which is a lot different from the overwhelming pumpkin flavor that a pie has. In all the stores around here, they actually sell pumpkins that are labeled as "pie pumpkins" and they are quite a bit smaller than carving pumpkins. I don't have a pressure cooker, so last year I found instructions online for how to cook pieces of my big pumpkin in microwave. But here is another way you can do it in the oven if you don't have a pressure cooker. http://www.ehow.com/how_8305_make-pumpkin-puree.html They said a typical size pumpkin will give you 4 C of puree, but they are using a pie pumpkin - a carving pumpkin should give you about 10 C, depending on just how big yours is.

Hope that helps!!

The Youngblood Family said...

I love the new furniture Angie! So awesome. I also love reading about your adventures and life over there. Keep the pictures coming. :) I hope the retail therapy helps with making your bad days go away. :)