Monday, November 22, 2010

Golden Arches.

Is there really anywhere in the world without a McDonald's? Amazing to me how many of the same franchise restuarants are all over the world. Yet, with the same name there is no garauntee you'll be eating the same Big Mac as back home. I'm happy to report the fries are! The apple pies though slightly different and not as flacky, aren't bad. I'm really not normally a big fan of McD's. As I'm sure you all know, we are Chickfila eaters. But when times are tough, and you need a piece of sanity- in the form of an indoor kids play area where your toddlers can run a muck and not destroy your own house- it's a great feeling of relief to spot the Golden Arches from over the hill or around the bend on the highway.
We happened to arrive at this one, right outside of a different gate to camp, just as prayer time started. At that point it's atleast 20 minutes before the place will open again. (The key here is to get in and out before prayer, or get in right before and start shopping during prayer, and always place your food order before prayer starts. Because once it starts EVERYTHING comes to a screeching hault and the doors are locked.) We should have just gone back home and had lunch, but once the kids saw McDonalds nothing but nuggets and fries would make them happy. So we drove around for almost 30 minutes waiting.
Remember I told you about the family and single sections? Here it was like two completly different restuarants divided by a wall all they way up to the counter to order. We couldn't see the people on the other side and no one could see us. The seating area was filled with two rows of private booths with privacy curtains.

The play area was pretty much the same as one back home. Slide, ball pit, tubes and stairs. The boys had a great time jumping around and really enjoyed their private playground. We were the only ones there. Ideal for all of us.

Ok, so we don't eat fast food very much. Especially not here. But it was nice to drive down the street and see a Burger King, McD, KFC, Hardees and Dominoes. Now when we are totally spent we know what gate to leave in and where the drive thru's are.

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