Friday, November 19, 2010

Christmas Cards with Shutterfly.

The holidays are approaching, but things are a little different for us this year. Moving across the world it's no longer an easy trip to the local post office to send off Christmas cards or a trip to the store to pick out cards. So I thought, maybe this year we wouldn't send them. Then I thought, NO WAY! I love Christmas cards and look forward to "real" mail and updates, I know you do too!

So it was on. Time to find a way to make this work for us. So I did some searching and you know what? Shutterfly will ship them to each of you for me. Not only that, I can design and personalize them, add our family photos and then input and store all of our personal addresses for mailing. (Think how easy this will make Birthday cards and other holiday greetings. Awesome, yes.)
If you're still in the States you can send the cards to yourself and then ship them out on your own. Most of the time you can find a coupon code for free shipping and right now they will ship orders over $30 for free. Score for you!
So here are my TOP THREE Christmas card Picks from
  1. With Love Chartreuse Christmas Card. You can make this card a Flat or Folded 5x7. I fell in love with a card like this one last year that my Sister in law sent out. I love the monogram of the family name. I also really dig all of the photo options. It's so hard to get everyone to smile in one family shot. This gives you the chance to post one family photo and then add in individual photos of your kids, where they are at their best and cutest. Besides, the more the merrier.

  2. Love 2010 Christmas Card. This 5x7 Flat Stationery card I love that you can combine the Christmas letter and the actual card into one. I really like the area on the side to list your family highlights for the year. (Ours would be something like this, sold the house, moved to Saudi, Traded Jeans for an Abiya, Mike Got a New Job, First Trip to the ER, Boys are Best Buds... you get the idea.) Also, it's always nice to have two photo spots. One for the family, and another one of your cute kids to share. Another bonus, the colors are also fun and cheerful!

  3. Joy Sage Story Christmas 5x7 Folded Card. I like the simple, elegance of this card. The text also rolls several holidays into one, so you can knock them all out with one card. The folded cards are a great deal, you can really maximize the space with pictures and updates on each person in your family. The inside has six small photo spots with a box for text next to each photo.

There are more websites out there than can do similar things. But Shutterfly I have found has better selections of cards, better quality cards and makes the process simple. Which, let's be honest, with two little boys constantly on the move, I need simple.

I've already designed our cards and plan to place my order this week. After this post, I bet your wondering which one I picked. Too bad. You'll have to wait. A little Dille Christmas Cheer should be appearing in your mailbox soon.

Hugs, A

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emalina49a said...

Angie, I need to introduce you to sendoutcards. From that side of the world, it would be fabulous for you. It is essentially like sending an email only when you press send, it prints and then mails a card to whoever, for whatever, lots of them to just one at a time. You can choose premade cards to customized photo cards. Most run from $1 to $1.5 and then you pay standard postage rates. You can also attach gifts, and gift cards from common merchants. email me at emalina49a at hot mail dot com and I can send you some info. It is a little pricey to set up but I LOVE it