Friday, November 5, 2010


When Parking your Car in The Kingdom...
Anything goes and there's no garauntee your car is safe... EVER.
Also, feel free to park ANYWHERE.
No really, if you feel so inclined go ahead and make a space right there on the side walk.
Don't mind anyone else, because really it is all about you. Yes, you big old GMC. Had I been in my own personal car, and not as a passenger in the Jeep you squished, I would have opened my door, hard. I mean very hard you jerk. *okay, maybe not really. But I'd like to think I would have. Dave did nudge their car and try to make the alarm go off. No such luck though.
Come to think of it. How do you think that Suburban was even planning to get out of that parking space? Mind boggling really.
Making the story even more entertaining, when we parked there originally a BMW was parallel parking behind us and backed into a work truck. Not just a little tap, more like a pretty good smack. Really there is no shame, or seems like drivers ed here either.
Lesson learned on this one. Proceed with Caution, when driving and parking, and well pretty much doing anything involving a car here.
*A little Teaser for the next post. We bought a car. We like to call it our "sweet, sweet ride." Any guesses on what we purchased?!?

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The Youngblood Family said...

I can't wait to see the new sweet sweet ride that you guys bought. Is it another Acura? I think those are sweet rides. :)