Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Purple Turkey.

Both little guys are in school now. Carter goes to a preschool four mornings and week, and Owen just started playschool three mornings a week. I feel so fortunate both boys were able to get into these programs, especially since we arrived after school started and both schools have waiting lists. Both programs are run by ladies from the States and have mostly Western kids in them focusing on US curriculum prep. They love their schools and I'm enjoying a breath of air and some time at the gym.
Carter is working on his letters. Each week he comes home with a new one. Here's the letter D- for Dinasour and our favorites- Dad and Dille.
Yesterday at preschool Carter's teacher asked the kids to put on their tennis shoes. In which, Carter quickly replied, "These are not tennis shoes... they are FAST shoes!"
Owen made a Turkey at school yesterday. Can I tell you how much fun it was to pick both boys up and see their new crafts. We are embarking on a new stage of life and it's bittersweet and exciting.
This was Owen's first week at school. He was a little hesitant at first to go in, but did great. Not one tear. They said he was really easy and laid back. Thank goodness.
So here is the purple turkey, which Owen promptly took the legs and eyes off of in the car on the way home from school.
A few cute ones of Owen while I was trying to get him to show off his turkey.
This is the "no" face.
This is the shy, giggle face.
I'm a little biased but I think everyone should have a purple turkey on the fridge for Thanksgiving. Oh, and a set of cute little boys to chase each other around the house with that same turkey.
Hugs, A

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Em and Tom said...

Lays made that exact Turkey at her little class, but it wasn't purple!!! Makes me feel like you aren't so far away. So on my post you put something about not being able to get a Christmas card. What did you mean? Can't I get your address?