Sunday, November 21, 2010

Black Out.

Went shopping last week. Can't remember where. But I do remember what I saw. My first official "black out." Lucky for you I had my camera in my purse. Now you too can feel like you are walking through a store here and admiring the SA censorship. Now imagine you are in an abiya too. It just got that much better didn't it?

The little black blobs are women in bathing suits on the front of the pool floatie boxes. A little too risky for this side of the world.


gwen said...

haha, Angie, I saw that, too. It was in Saco!

eric + ashlee said...

Can I just say I look forward to your posts every week? Your adventures in Saudi Arabia are SO interesting. You guys are really lucky have such a unique experience and I love reading all about it.

lynette said...

haha! they sensored tv shows in singapore. i loved it! it was a big change from chile where you had to be careful because they aired pornos on tv after 8pm.

but, i felt the sensoring worked to my advantage. i actually was able to watch a handful of rated "R" movies that had been edited for tv (even on HBO they were edited.) only problem was, sometimes they had to edit so much out, the movie didn't make any sense. or it was only about 35 minutes long.

oh, and i'll never forget when i was watching america's next top model in singapore and tyra started jumping up and down they put a big purple heart over her chest that bounced up and down too! SO FUNNY!

Paul said...

So do they just put some sort of sticker over them or did the designer actually black her out before it went to print?

Angie and Mike said...

Paul, Oh no. It's much better than that. It's totally a black sharpie individually blacked out for each box. Job creation maybe? :)