Thursday, October 28, 2010

Week Three.

Week 1 - Arrived and couldn't wait to get out of here.
Week 2 - We only wanted to go home half of the week and then decided we could stay for a month to get our first pay check and then we could go.
Week 3 - We are warming up to the idea of a new life here and can see ourselves staying longer. Maybe not the five years we initially thought before we left, but longer than a month or two. We are all starting to make friends and finding our ways around camp and town better.
We are now officially here. We received our official residence permits, and our visas to enter and exit the country for the next year, and Mike has his SA drivers license. Now we begin the task of finding a car, which is nothing like it is back home.
Just because, here are a few more photos of our house.
Our kitchen. The counters are Corian or something similar. I also like the sink. The cabinets leave much to be desired, but will work and could be worse.
Our neighbors had the cabinets above the sink removed and had recess lighting put in. The kitchen doesn't have any natural lighting so it's a bit dark. We plan to do the same and do some painting. You can also see off to the left the little kitchen nook area.
Our "backyard" is the only real thing about our house that we are having a hard time with. For some reason, who ever approved this below wasn't thinking clearly.
It's a fantastic idea to put three, yes, THREE telephone and cable (whatever they are) boxes a foot from the bottom stair on the back patio, in the MIDDLE of the tiny backyard. I'm a little up in arms about this one and have been working on getting the boxes moved or us moved to another house. You can't have these in the middle of the backyard and have two incredibly active toddler boys. Just not a safe combination.

We are holding off on doing anything to the yard and house until this has been settled. I'm in US mode I want things decided and completed quickly. Let's not waste time people. Unlike here, where the sense of urgency seems to be laking. Which in time, I suppose I will like, but for right now is a bit annoying. So next week we start again. Going to the housing office every few days to "check" on the status of our house and the boxes. Wish us luck and speedy responses.

Another angle to fully appreciate the awesomeness of it all. We do have a bigger side yard on the other side of the house.

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lynette said...

Everything gets better in time! Good luck on the car hunting and I hope everything gets settled with your house soon!