Monday, October 18, 2010


Owen is TWO.
Owen turned two on October 12.
He loves trains, the color blue, milk, dinosaurs, Buzz Lightyear, flip flops, Icee's, soft blankets, singing the "Sunbeam"song, playing with his brother, wrestling with dad, teasing his big brother, running, being tickled and bathtime. He also has a new found love of cheese bread since we moved to Saudi. It is all the little man wants to eat and constantly requests it.
He loves shoes, his shoes, your shoes, big shoes and little shoes. Yet he doesn't/ won't keep them on. He's on a kick right now where he takes them off after a few minutes, in the car, at the park, at the store, you name it, the child refuses to wear them. But if I take them from him once he's pulled them off, he protests and wants them back. I'm so confused about this new shoe phase and hope it passes soon.
Owen naps each afternoon for 2-3 hours. He still sleeps in a crib and will sleep for around 10 hours each night. Owen is interested in potty training but not totally ready yet. We continue to try and have had a few successes. Once we get settled here into a new routine we plan to jump start the process and have already purchased Thomas the Train undies to try.
He still sucks this thumb, mostly when he falls asleep or snuggles with his blankets. He's also still a fantastic little snuggler and loves to cuddle and watch movies or read books in your lap.
He's a bit shy and stand offish around new people, but once he's comfortable opens up. He's a sensitive little guy and doesn't take the word "no" very well. He runs and hides if you holler at him for doing something, or will drop his chin, push out his bottom lip and cry, complete with alligator tears.
He is starting to talk A LOT now and putting two-three words together. He's at an exciting stage and each day we see more and more of his personality develope.
Owen wears size 6.5-7 wide shoes and 24 month clothes.
2 year well check stats.
Weight 32 lbs, 90th %.
Height 34 3/4 inches, 75%.
BMI 18.6, 50%
(I don't think his height was accurate at all, she measured him standing up in the hallway and was trying to explain to him how to stand, hello? he's two. He doens't get the stand up straight against the wall thing)
Owen is a joy to have in our family and we feel very blessed to be his parents. I still look at him in awe, and think how did we get so lucky? His smile warms my heart and every time I look at him I can't help but smile.
Happy Birthday Owen. Love you buddy!

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