Saturday, October 23, 2010

New House Pt. 1.

Here's our NEW home Sweet HOME!
The picture above is complete with the sweet cars we've been blessed to borrow from other expats here for a few weeks. We have to wait for a few visas and permits to come in before we can buy a car in the Kingdom. So we've been driving these bad boys around camp and then take the bus or a driver into town.
So we live in a 3 , 2.5 bath modular home. It's blue/grey and around the corner at the end of the street. The street we live on is tucked away near the corner of camp, which is nice because there isn't much traffic. It's a one story home and is about 1800-2000 square feet. It's actually a really good size. We're just lacking a yard for the boys to play in. We have gardeners coming in the next week or so to plant grass and bushes and such. Most of the house has wood laminate floors, which is nice, and then we have carpet in the bedrooms.
Here is the view from my house down the street. We live in Main camp. The amazing thing is that around camp it is green and lush. They try hard to make expats feel at home here in Dhahran. Then you leave camp and EVERYTHING is sand, even the houses are a sand tan. We're very close to the gulf as well, only about 15 minutes in the car outside of camp. This is the view from the living room into the hallway and dining room. This is the front part of the house. The bedrooms are lined down the hall and the master is in the far back. Don't mind the mess, we just received our E box and the boys were playing. The furniture we have now is on loan from the company until our shipment gets here sometime in December. The TV is ours. Our first big purchase when we arrived. A definite upgrade for our family and the boys love watching movies on the big TV.
This is the small den off of the kitchen. It has sliding glass doors into the small backyard. I plan to turn this into the playroom, get a small couch and use the chair and ottoman from our old house. We found a few toys and this tent at a yard sale on camp. They have those here too! Fun, huh?
Keep checking back New House Pt. 2 coming soon!


The Hollemans said...

Wow you're house actually loos really great! Im so excited for you. The ones online looked so dirty. It'll be fantastic!

Aimee Jones said...

Your house reminds me of west texas homes! So glad you were able to post pics, I have been wanting to see SA!