Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Visit to the Cabin.

Our first stop on our vacation was the Richards (Lindsay's parents) Cabin in Utah. The weather was beautiful, the cabin and mountain side were amazing. Carter was SO happy to see one of his best buds Tayson, and we were happy to be around friends and out of the car. In two days, we did some four wheeling, fishing, off roading, playing in dirt, saw a few deer, foxes, two moose and a buck. It was a great trip with even better company.

Our Family.
The Dille and Ramage Families.
We've been friends with the Ramges since college. Mike and Scott grew up together in Idaho and were roommates at USU. Lindsay and I met when Mike and I first starting dating. Still amazes me to look at this picture and see our blossoming families. We are quite the group now. We love these guys and were so glad we were invited to stay with their family in the cabin for a few days on our trip. We had such a great time. Thanks again!Owen, Will R., Tayson R. and Carter having lunch on the back of the truck.
Owen and Kate making a seat out of the drink cooler.
Mike getting snow for the boys, Tayson in the brown hat and Carter in the blue.
My handsome guys and the great Utah outdoors.
Tayson and Carter by the lake.Me and Owen. I had to chase him down to keep him from diving into the water.
We did a little "off roading" to make it to the lake. My car was COVERED in mud and is a lot tougher than I thought it was. Although through the worst of the mudding I had to close my eyes and was a bit afraid my car wouldn't make it off the mountain in one piece. Thanks to Mike's driving, we did. I'm only sad to say this is the only real picture off it and you can't even see how bad/awesome it really was.
Lindsay, Kate, Owen and I. Kate and Owen are in the "exploring" because I'm almost 2 stage. I spent a lot of time just chasing Owen.


tomperry33@yahoo.com said...

That looks so fun. I love all the pics. Your car looked plenty muddy to me. And you are so beautiful!

tomperry33@yahoo.com said...

Oh, and I did like the movie, but I'll like it more when I see it again.

tomperry33@yahoo.com said...

Shoot! I'm still Tom!