Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Since we've been home (has it really almost been three weeks?!?) things have been busy.
We've been...
  • Readjusting to schedules, nap times, bedtimes, gym time and daddy going back to work.
  • Loving EVERY minute of gym time we get. I've been maxing out my two hours each day for awhile now.
  • Catching up with friends and play dates.
  • Refinished, strip, stain and sealed, the front door of the house.
  • Mike finished up the playground he built from scratch in the backyard. Sunday morning Carter woke up, looked out his window and exclaimed, "there's a playground in MY backyard!"
  • Took Carter to the pediatrician once.
  • Made 16 bows and a few flowers clips for my niece in Seattle.
  • Loads and loads of laundry.
  • Have discovered Boars Head American Cheese and Provolone make the most fantastic grilled cheese sandwiches on fresh Sourdough bread. (Thanks for that one Lisa.) Since then I believe we've been to our local deli twice a week to restock our supply. Highly, highly recommend this!
  • Took the boys on our first family dinner and movie date. We saw Despicable Me and went out for BBQ. Carter and Owen did awesome during the movie. Did help that they devoured almost an entire bad of Twizzlers during the movie.
  • Not cleaned enough to keep up with the craziness in our house.
  • Dealt with rainstorms/thunderstorms almost daily. But the grass looks great!
  • Have watched Toy Story 1 and 2 WAY TOO many times.
  • Purchased Buzz Lightyear undies for Carter.
  • Dealt with three year old melt downs almost non stop since we got back. I think I left my child in Idaho and came back with a new one. Including not wanting to go to nursery anymore- this is a first for that one!
  • Taught Relief Society last Sunday.
  • Uploaded and edited my blog posts from 2009 into a blurb book. Ordered the completed copy tonight, 240 pages of the Dille's. Can't wait to see it in person. :)

The Playground.
Mike did a great job, designing and building it. We bought the slide at a garage sale for $2 and that's what started the project. We still need to stain or paint it. It's been raining too much this past month to get it done, but looks like the next week will be hot and dry. Adding painting to our list for the weekend.

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Em and Tom said...

Wow Mike! Good job! Glad you're having a productive summer, you guys have been busy!