Saturday, July 17, 2010


Uncle Paul bought a Ruckus (scooter) a few months ago. While we were in town Mike and Carter became big fans of the Ruckus, which became very apparent after seeing the tire tracks in the yard. First ride on the Ruckus with dad, wearing Paul's helmet.
Another ride for the boys. Every time Paul came over with it, my boys took it for a ride.Owen wanted nothing to do with the scooter, he's not a fan of anything that moves-merry go rounds, swings, trains, or scooters. Carter on the other hand LOVED it. I see a scooter somewhere far in his future. Maybe when he is 16 we can talk him into one of these babies instead of a car. It's a sweet ride. Thanks Paul.
Here's Mike and Carter on their first ride around the driveway.

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