Friday, July 16, 2010

July 4 Festivities.

Fourth of July festivities began Saturday morning at the Caldwell American Heroes Parade.

Carter waiting for the parade to start.
The Boys and the Dille Grandparents. Carter and I, before the parade.
Mike and Owen watching the parade.
That afternoon we headed to another small town in Idaho, Melba, for it's fourth of July activities. This time Paul and Brenda came along for the fun. We had some great tacos, corn dogs, and potato tornadoes (only in Idaho I'm sure) and spent some time strolling through the craft booths. The best part for the boys, hands down, was the little train ride. They spotted it from across the field the moment we got there.

Carter and Owen getting ready for the train ride. Happy boys. Owen loved the choo-choo and was SO excited about "driving" it. Until...
It started to move. Then the melt down began. One lap around the grass and Papa came to the rescue and pulled him out while the train slowed down. Thank goodness for papa.Carter went for the entire ride. Here's his happy face right after and just before asking papa to go again.This picture made me laugh. Here's Carter pointing his "pistol" at Paul I'm sure. Really, Carter is all boy and we can't figure out where he learned this one. We are constantly telling him not to point it at people, but that he can shoot the sky like Woody in Toy Story. Of course he's sitting on Brenda's lap here as well, he absolutely adores her and spends ALL of his time with her when he can.*Special thanks to Aunt Shala for the AWESOME monkey fourth of July shirts.

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