Sunday, July 18, 2010

Dille Clan.

Each time we visit we try to capture a family photo. I'd call it a family self portrait. Paul sets up the tripod, times the camera and we pile in for a photo. Quite entertaining to watch I'd imagine as we try to corral so many little ones, and big ones for the matter. We take several photos and usually get about one good one. I thought these three deserved an honorable mention.

Cousins Landon McDonald and Carter, both age 3. They played so well together again. Which makes going home that much harder. It would be nice to have cousins to play with for the boys. We are now the only ones not in the Boise area, which also makes coming home to Texas harder. Families are home. Makes me miss my family back east and my sister in Seattle. You can't help where life takes you. Sometimes I feel like we are just along for the ride and with this market you stick to where you have a good job. If that means being away from family a bit longer than that is what our family needs to do.
We miss you all.
All of you, Dille, McDonald, Anderson, Mouser, Nelson and Schroeder.
Hugs, A

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