Thursday, July 22, 2010

The A.

We went to Utah State on our road trip last month.
We also took the boys to see The A.
Maybe someday they'll become True Aggies too.
(True Aggie =Kissing a cute girl on The A at midnight on Homecoming or a full moon)
Just like me and Mike.
Carter on The A with a view of the Quad in the background. My favorite part of campus.The boys outside of the Taggart Student Center. How great are those flowers?Can't visit Logan and not go to our favorite place, Old Grist Mill. Love everything about this place, fresh breads, sandwiches, soups, pumpkin squares, cookies and everything delicious. I haven't eaten at Subway since then. I do believe they may have ruined me. :) We really need one of these in Texas. Making it to Logan was one of the highlights of our road trip for me. We drove by campus, our old apartment and a few of our favorite places, it was so nostalgic. Can't believe that is where all of this started. Just a cute boy in soccer gear chasing a freshman girl down the soccer field to say hello. College changed everything. We have such good memories of our time in Logan and it was fun to take our kids there and revisit those feelings and places. Makes me think to myself, I'm so glad he picked me. I'm so glad we did all of this together. Maybe in 15 years we'll be dropping one of our boys of here as well for their own college adventure and we'll get to experience it all again.


Jen said...

I'm so jealous you got to go back to USU. I miss Logan and our beautiful campus. I was craving a specific open face sandwich from the HUB just earlier today! Thanks for the pics. I hope I get to go visit again soon and show my boys part of my history!

Marie said...

Todd and I love going back to Logan, too. We go any chance we get! I think I could have stayed there forever...

Em and Tom said...

Glad you had fun strolling down memory lane.
miss you