Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday Thoughts.

So here is your spiritual thought for the night courtesy of Carter in Senior Nursery. Our Church just split the nursery into two groups and Carter loves it. He comes home with little projects and gets to do more in class than before. I'm grateful that Carter loves nursery and has always just run in without a problem. He really is a secure little guy and has a strong understanding that we'll come back and get him. So he just enjoys his time to play with other kiddos. Now if I could just get him to tell someone other than me that he has to go potty I would feel a little better about him starting school (mothers day out) in three weeks. He was very excited about the mobile above, and well you know me, I get excited when he is excited.

Both boys in the weekly Sunday photo op.
So it has occurred to me in the last few months how entirely different Owen and Carter are. Owen is my laid back baby and the picture below fits him to a tee. Such a handsome little guy and now 10 months.
This is Carter's "cheese" smile.
What's a post without Mike? Thought I'd sneak one in.
The week ended better than it started. By Thursday we were all starting to feel better and were able to make it out of the house to the gym. On Friday we were back to usual and started at the gym and then met playgroup at the pool. I really have a hard time taking the boys to the pool without Mike. I'm nervous the entire time. There's only one of me and two of them that need 100% attention. Lucky for me a few of my girlfriends were helpful in keeping tabs on Carter.

Have I mentioned how hard 2 is for me and Carter? Sometimes we just have a hard time meshing. I know that he is learning that he is his own person, but the power struggles that follow this discovery are very trying for me. Lately, "mine" and "no" have been the most common word coming from his mouth. He wants to "crash" everything and when he decides he wants something he whines, or goes into full on melt down mode. Granted there are moments when I just adore the "mommy" and "mamma" coming from the backseat of the car and can't get enough of the little person who helps me change laundry and make the bed. I guess it's just learning the balance and realizing there will be good days and bad. How did you or are you handling the two's with your little ones? I could use some advice.

We had a great weekend with Mike, who for once I don't believe did any work this weekend. He seemed much more relaxed and less distracted. We were able to hit the gym on Saturday morning, run a few errands, have lunch, take naps, hit the pool and watch a movie. It was a perfect Saturday for us and Sunday was pretty good too. A great way to refuel for the upcoming week. Which I've been told will be very busy for Mike. So I'm going into this week with a plan to get out as much as we can and just play. If you're going somewhere fun, call us and we'll tag along.


Cody and Jessie said...

I love how your boys have so many outfits.. they are such cute little guys. Owen is getting big! He's looking older.
I wish I had some wonderful advice for dealing with 2-year ols, but I can't seem to think of any right now.. If I think of something that I found helpful I'll let you know :)

Cody and Jessie said...

Oops.. I meant to say at the beginning of my previous comment that I love how many MATCHING outfits they have!

Todd, Marie, Bronwyn, Magdalen, and Baby Ty. said...

All I can say is.... three is even worse than two! Sorry, but it's true. Luckily, 4 ROCKS!