Wednesday, August 5, 2009

So Glad.

Two words can usually describe my feelings after my mom comes to visit, "So Glad." I'm so glad she found an airline ticket for a short weekend and came and spent three days with our family. I'm so glad my boys remembered her and picked up where they left off. I'm so glad we had a chance to go out for great Mexican food and spend a lot of time outside with the boys. I'm so glad she watched the boys so Mike and I could see a movie.

Here's the gang at the park. We decided to go feed the ducks. It was hot and everyone was worn out in the end. Even Owen took a little nap in the stroller. Owen enjoying the ride. Carter enjoying nature. Still amazes me that just a simple leaf could provide so much entertainment.
Carter enjoying the ride. Half way around the lake he decided he was "all done" and wanted "up." I have a lot more respect for Mike carrying him this way, Carters pretty heavy.

Grandma spoiling Owen. Owen looking like a little frog on her lap before bed time.
The grandkids and grandma.
A little self portrait at the airport.
She gave Carter a new red car before she left. He was thrilled, look at this face. Too excited to be bothered by the camera.
Lastly, thanks for coming Mom. We're so glad you came! Love you!

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lynette said...

What a treat! I wish my mom would come see me---or anyone for that matter!