Thursday, August 20, 2009

A little Blue Bell.

With the summer coming to a close, we decided to take the boys on a summer field trip to the Blue Bell ice cream factory in Brenham, Texas. We'd been talking about going all summer and meeting our good friends, the Ashe family, that had moved to Austin last spring. We finally made it happen. I left Owen home with a babysitter and Lindsay and I packed our boys into my car and went on a mini road trip. Good thing it was only an hour drive. I thought one two year old was a challenge, entertaining two is much more challenging. But Lindsay did a great job of keeping the boys happy during the drive. We had lunch and then went to the ice cream factory. The best thing about the tour is the free ice cream at the end. I'm normally not an ice cream fan, but I have to admit it was pretty good. Now I understand it's company motto even more, eat all you can and sell the rest, or something like that.

Carter in his blue bell hat with a flower he picked.
The Ashe, Dille and Ramage boys.
Carter admiring one the first Blue Bell ice cream trucks.
Tayson and Carter climbing on the truck. Which the sign in the window says not too. So after I snapped the picture we found something else that they could climb on.
Carter and Tayson fixing each others hats.
Double Trouble strikes again. These two have so much fun together when they aren't fighting.
Petting the cow. (You have to double click this one to make it big to fully appreciate the expression on his face. )
Lindsay, Tayson, Me, Carter and Will.
Carter and I in front of the factory and cow. He was saying "hot" just before then he tried to sit on the cow and it was super hot. It was a pretty warm Texas afternoon. I can't imagine how hot it would have been if it wasn't overcast.
A few more of Carter and Tayson.

The best part of our trip. The ice cream. Carter was so intent on eating it he wouldn't be bothered by a picture.
We had a great day. It was nice to get out of Houston and into the country. It felt strange to be without Owen. In fact at lunch I almost panicked when I sat down about where Owen was. But I'm glad just Carter and I went. I forgot how it felt to just have one child. Carter had all of my attention and I didn't have to divide it. I was able to really enjoy him and the stage that he is at. He loved standing in the window to see the ice cream being made and I loved holding his hand as we walked in the tour.

It was also wonderful to spend time with great friends. Thank you for coming to meet us Stacie and thank you for coming Lindsay. The trip wouldn't have been much fun without either of you and your beautiful families.

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