Monday, July 20, 2009


After having a rough day some people need a little therapy.

I'm having one of those, feel all alone days, with a two year old testing boundaries at the expense of his little brother, trapped in the house because you have no where to go and no one to go with, with a husband working late...

Back to the therapy...Some people eat, some people work out, some people call a friend to talk, my therapy of choice? Retail. I am in love with this...
Now the discussion in my head begins...
Do I need this? No
Do I want the adorable blue tank and short sleeve white cardigan? Yes
Will it make me feel better? Absolutely
Could I explain to Mike spending $50 bucks on it? Nope.
Do I have anywhere to wear it? Sadly, no.

I wish I had a birthday coming up then I could purchase it guilt free.
Mike has a birthday coming up? Does that count? Most likely not.

If you love it too,, but if you buy it, I wear a small and would like to borrow it for next Friday. wink, wink.


Heather said...

That would look adorable on you! I would have the same therapy if I had extra money. Good thing I don't!

Oh and thanks for the tips. The only problem with putting Dillon to bed awake is that, if he's tired, he conks out almost as soon as you pick him up! LOL I did jiggle him around a bit last night to keep him up though and put him down drowsy. He slept from 8-5, which is great for him. Then he went back to sleep from 5:30-7:30. I'll take that over a morning nap any day b/c then I get those extra hours of sleep too!

Josh and Shyann Croke Family said...

I do a lot of online browsing too. Clothes are great therapy. And chocolate. My two weaknesses. I agree that would look cute on you.

The Youngblood Family said...

I love that top!! It is so cute and you would look fabulous in it. That should be your chick-fil-a top and we should meet there every Mondy!!! Now you have a reason to buy it. :) LOL
I say splurge on yourself! You deserve it.