Sunday, July 19, 2009


It was a busy Sunday. Early church, crazy un-routine naps for the kids, preparing dinner for six and two little ones, a missionary farewell open house, dinner with the missionaries, cleaning up toys, kids and the house from the busy day. Whew. I really missed my Sunday nap.

The boys are doing well. Carter is still potty training. Over two weeks now in big boy undies and he's just 25 months. I say potty "training" because every three to four days he'll have an accident at the house. Frustrating, but at least it happens at home where it is easy to take care of. I know everyone has their own definition of potty trained, mine is no accidents. So we're well on our way. He's made it through three Sundays at church with no accidents and over two weeks at the gym in the morning. He absolutely loves his "Cars" undies and gets excited each time he puts them on. I'm pretty proud of him!

Owen is full of surprises these days. Like earlier this week at a friends house when I turned around to see him half way up the stairs. When did that happen? Now if we don't shut the baby gate downstairs you can hear him giggle as he crawls as fast as he can around the corner to the stairs.

It was a beautiful afternoon so we took the boys into the front yard for some pictures together. This is Carter helping Owen clap. We've been working on this all week. I can't tell who enjoys it more Carter or Owen, either way it makes us all laugh. It was a little trickier this time getting both boys to look at us and smile. Here's the before... ...and the after. That pose didn't last long at all before Carter took them both down. Owen wore his first pair of shoes today. They match Carters and Carter thought that was the greatest thing in the world. But was frustrated Owens shoes wouldn't fit his feet. Carter size 8.5 wide, Owen 3 wide. They both have the crazy wide pillow top feet, an absolute nightmare to find shoes for and I unlike most women hate to shoe shop. So it's a challenge, but I was really pleased when I found these. Here they are admiring the new kicks. Sometimes I love Sundays and sometimes I have a hard time with them. Trying to keep two little ones quite, happy or out of trouble at church can be a challenge and is harder some Sundays. Today was no exception other than Owen taking a nap third hour, which is what really threw a kink in our nap schedule for the day. I do however enjoy spending time together with our family. It's nice to practice keeping the sabbath day holy and take a step back from the world. There's no pressure to accomplish things or errands. It really does allow families a chance to get back to the basics. To build and strengthen relationships with the Lord and each other.

Here's to another week of everything all over again.


lynette said...

I know what you mean! Sundays can be hectic, but it's always nice to be together as a family--kids crying and all!

The Youngblood Family said...

Your boys are so cute!!! They remind me of Cameron and Jake... when they were at that age. Man, they grow up so fast. :(

stacibee said...

First of all, I am SO impressed with your potty training progress. It sounds like Carter and Isaac started around the same time...keep in mind that Isaac is like a YEAR older. Anyway, I don't think I had any idea just how beautiful this "potty-trained" thing would be!!
Second, I couldn't agree more with your feelings on Sunday. It's a wonderful, stressful, relaxing and spiritual day.