Friday, July 24, 2009


In reference to my earlier post this week, I have decided that the best therapy for me this week was just to get OUT of the house. Sometimes just the smallest act of getting everyone ready and out the door can seem gigantic. We make it to the gym almost every morning, but getting out twice in one day is a chore. But we needed it. Thanks to a good friend of mine, who's finally home from vacation wahoo!, we've made it out of the house several times since Monday. I am feeling rejuvenated and Carter is so much happier with the change of scenery and the chance to play with other kids.

We had a play date at our friends home and even Owen was able to play. Yesterday we headed out to the splash pad.* We stopped at Sonic for drinks and lunch. Here are Carter and Tayson enjoying themselves. Yes, poor Carter has my fair skin and I still can't figure how Tayson gets so dark. Must be a Ramage thing.

Owen wasn't sure at first about the splash pad. I'd put him down and he'd crawl over and climb up my leg. The funny thing is last summer I remember Carter doing the exact same thing when we started going to splash pads. But Owen soon warmed up once we found a little spout he could play with and not be overwhelmed by. In fact, he was so entertained I couldn't do anything to get his attention for a picture. Overall it was a lot of fun and much needed for everyone in our household. I'm just sorry that Mike had to work all week while his family got to play.

Another good reason for getting OUT. Carter played hard and when he finally crashed it was on our bed snuggling with me. That alone is therapy. It's not often a toddler slows down long enough to snuggle with mommy. I won't mention that he crashed in undies, so the entire time I kept thinking, please don't pee in our bed, please don't pee in our bed. He didn't and he slept there like a log for over an hour. Don't all kiddos look angelic while they sleep? I still love peeking in on both of them at night when they are all snuggled up and snoring. They get that from Mike.

*(Splash pads are really popular in Texas and we love them. Just a play place with water
shooting out of the ground and all over from different contraptions. Perfect with little ones and less scary than going to the pool. Most neighborhoods and parks have them.)

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Jen said...

My kids still don't LOVE splash pads, but I think they are great too. And I agree, my kids are cute, but there's something angelic about seeing them asleep. I almost think I love them more when they are sleeping!