Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Owen is now NINE months!

The Stats: Weight 21 lbs.50-75%, Height 29 inches 75-90%, FOC 45 cm 50%

Updates: Still crawling and pulling up. Sleeping 12 hours each night and is a 7:15 pm in bed baby. Down to one nap a day for 2-3 hours. Eating fruits, veggies, cereal and finger foods. He loves green beans, chicken nuggets, whole grain bread, bagels, nutrigrain bars and yogurt melts. You put it in front of him and he'll eat it... I love this stage.

Here are some fun things to know about our little "O-We" as Carter calls him.
  • Face Chomper. He's always done this. He loves to grab onto your hair and then he opens his mouth wide and comes in for the face chomping. He'll latch on and chomp or suck or just rub spit on our cheek. It's very endearing and funny.
  • The Silent Type. Owen is a pretty quiet baby, always has been and is pretty easy to please. I can't decide if just prefers to sit back and take it all in, or if he realizes the competition with Carter is too extreme. He likes to hang out and watch everything and then once he makes a decision he silently and quickly creeps his way over to whatever he wants. (Usually it's the dog bone that he can spot from the other side of the room- a real thorn in my side) Not much baby jabber is heard from this man unless, 1. He's moments away from falling asleep, either crying or jabbering in the car seat, or 2. He's hungry and will climb up my leg and whine.
  • Smiler. He's always been a good smiler and it doesn't take much to get a big grin from him. His little smile is now full of three top teeth and two bottom ones.
  • Snuggler. His favorite spot is on your chest with his bum patted and sucking on his thumb. He would prefer to be snuggled and rocked to sleep every night, but is learning to get a good snuggle, lullaby and then go down by himself a little drowsy.
  • Addition. When you have one baby you feel like your heart can only contain enough love for the one. Then you have another one and your heart triples and the new addition makes you realize the bounds of love are endless. Owen has taught me to dig deeper, try harder and love more. He's the perfect addition to our family. He's easy going (one of us needs to be), full of giggles, puts up with Carter and at times puts him in his place, he loves his Daddy, can light up a room with his blue eyes and perfect smile and melts his Mommy's heart.

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He is super cute Angie :)