Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Moments like these I live for... Owen is a force to be reckon with. He doesn't sit still for long and is exploring every nook and cranny of our living room and kitchen. Yet, Carter has a way of pinning him down to give him hugs. It's been an interesting few days with these two. We haven't left the house much other than the gym, but the story behind that is for another post. For the most part they do a pretty good job of entertaining each other and I'm grateful they have each other and grateful that, well, we've survived the past eight months. whew.

However, moments like these I could do without...
Looking up before you turn off your bedroom light to see this above your bed and ceiling fan is a moment I can live without. Lucky for me, Mike saw it first. I can't even imagine what would have happened if it dropped off the ceiling into the bed in the middle of the night, yikes! The big question is how in the world did our little lizard makes it way into the house, and then up on the second floor ceiling of our bedroom? Really? We've had frogs through the doggy door before, but this time the doggy door isn't even in. Only in Houston I suppose. Should I be worried about other things making their way in?


lynette said...

first snakes and now geckos! you're making me afraid to return home!!!

p.s. your boys are super CUTE!

Jen said...

i hate those geckos too. They get in if you leave the door open too long and they are fast! I don't care if they live outside my front door and eat all the bugs, but if they come inside, they must die! (By Paul's hands of course!)